Our habits and routines dictate and control our behaviors in ways we don’t notice because they run on autopilot – but could they be getting in the way of your law firm intake conversions?

As an intake specialist, do your calls with prospects feel natural and aligned, or tense and like you’re walking on eggshells as you try to navigate through?

Every intake call and every prospect is unique, and you want to customize and be careful of the human part of it – the relationship part.

Tune in now and get Chris Mullins’ thoughts on:

  • The importance of listening and allowing yourself to simply be present in the call, and how this makes prospects feel comfortable and confident hiring your law firm
  • Specific active listening techniques you can practice and rehearse until they become a natural part of how you handle your intake calls
  • How active listening can make you more effective not only as a client intake specialist, not only as a lawyer, but in all areas of your life
  • Two stories from Chris’ everyday life that demonstrate and emphasize the power of active listening to make you better at everything you do and have more joy in your daily interactions
  • And much, much more!

Invitation From Chris Mullins

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About Our Guest

Chris Mullins

Lawyers often confuse their professional skills with the skills they need to connect with potential new prospects and clients, plus embrace the mindsets needed to succeed in this chaotic, crowded, ever-changing profession.

Chris Mullins, the preeminent sales and communications consultant in the legal industry, helps lawyers understand the difference.

For decades, Chris has been a “phone sales doctor” focusing on better communication skills, empathy, sales, intimacy, conversion, retention, and client control in the legal industry.

Through her work, Chris takes lawyers, intake, and the legal team on a deep dive into the mindset necessary to convert leads into clients.

Lawyers, law firms, and their intake staff say they get more from working with Chris than you would get from 5 or 6 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits about a different way to do a deposition, or new skills you can use in the courtroom, or different ways to approach an insurance company.

Now, as host of the acclaimed podcast Lawyers Tell All®, Chris takes you on a deep dive that shows you the reality of the profession, which is not what you see on TV.

Through powerful conversations with innovators in the trenches, she shows you how it looks through lawyer’s eyes.

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