Bethany Corbin has been a lawyer for almost a decade and is passionate about helping early-stage women’s health innovators create and grow their companies to bring revolutionary digital health products to market faster.

Following her own women’s health issue in which she was diagnosed with a grapefruit size tumor, Bethany moved from big law into building her own legal company – the first law firm in the U.S. exclusively serving women’s health founders. Bethany works with founders to ensure that we drive innovation in personalized health treatments for women.

Tune in now and get Bethany Corbin’s thoughts on:

  • How did you become the femtech lawyer?
  • How did your passion for entrepreneurship motivate you to work with innovators?
  • How do you help clients drive meaningful change in digital health?
  • How does your current work differ from your earlier work in big law? Are there any similarities?
  • What advice do you have for new lawyers or for lawyers considering opening their own firm?
  • And much, much more!

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Bethany Corbin

Bethany is a healthcare innovation and femtech attorney on a mission to help thought-leading companies revolutionize the global women’s health sector.

Through her company, FemInnovation, she partners with emerging companies at the forefront of healthcare transformation to ensure they are building robust, scalable, and legally compliant businesses ready to lead the industry.

Bethany is a recognized thought leader at the intersection of women’s health, law, and technology, and was named a Top 200 Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health and Femtech.

Her strategic insights have been featured in top news outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, Bustle, NPR, BBC, and Cosmopolitan and she is a guest contributor to Entrepreneur and MedCity News.

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