For lawyers, the legal field is often less about the fun (cases) and more about the long hours spent doing infuriating little tasks like replying to emails or scheduling calls.

Attorney Brett Trembly is passionate about delegating because not only it will free up time for you to spend with your friends and family, but it will also help you focus on the important and fun part of being a lawyer rather than the administrative exasperating bit.

Tune in now and get Brett Trembly’s thoughts on:

  • Why did you go from being only a lawyer to an entrepreneur?
  • How can virtual staff help?
  • And much, much more!

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Brett Trembly

Lawyer / Entrepreneur / Author / Delegation Expert 3 time Inc. 5000 Honoree (#67 in 2022 & 2 companies on the ranking) Published Author: The Danger Zones Adjunct professor Miami Law 30 employee team Trembly Law (11 attorneys) 100+ employee team Get Staffed Up

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