Brooke Boltz been an attorney for 15 years practicing insurance and injury law.

For 9 years she was on the defense side, and for the past 6 years, she’s had her own business representing Plaintiffs. Within the first 12 months of starting her practice, she was bringing in 7 figures.

Brooke developed a passion for helping other small businesses grow through the lessons she learned.

That inspired her to start the podcast Ms. Biz, which is ranked in the top 1.5% globally by Listen Notes.

All of this together gives Brooke a unique outlook and insight on how to grow and nurture a successful law practice.

Tune in now and get Brooke Boltz’s thoughts on:

  • What drives her purpose and passion for insurance and injury law
  • What lessons Brooke Boltz has learned that she wishes she knew the answers to when she first started out
  • How her challenges getting her career going attracted her to the legal profession and what made it seem attractive to her
  • What law firms should do differently to manage and grow their practice, given Brooke’s background as an attorney, entrepreneur, and podcast host
  • Issues with the culture of law firms and the legal profession that cause high turnover rates – and how to fix this
  • How Brooke manages her law firm and carefully nurtures a culture that fosters employee satisfaction and retention, which leads to increased client satisfaction
  • And much, much more!

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It’s time to level the playing field for plaintiffs in insurance and injury law. Discover how Boltz Legal helps their clients overcome the unexpected:

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Brooke Boltz

Brooke Boltz was born and raised in Volusia County and graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science.

After graduation, she spent time in the courtroom as a probation and pretrial services officer.

This inspired her to go back for her law degree, and she began practicing in 2008.

Brooke's first nine years were spent working for one of Florida's largest civil litigation firms on behalf of insurance companies.

At the time of her departure, Brooke supervised numerous attorneys and was the managing litigation attorney at a Plaintiff’s firm specializing in personal injury protection.

Brooke started Boltz Legal in 2017.

Today, she represents medical providers, homeowners, business owners, and injured victims against insurance companies and negligent parties.

Through her podcast, The Ms. Biz Podcast, Brooke has the INCREDIBLE opportunity to share valuable insights and strategies, helping entrepreneurs worldwide take their ventures to the next level.

Balancing family life and a thriving multivariate career, she strives to embody the values of success, resilience, and the pursuit of fulfilling dreams.

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