For many folks, a car crash or work-related accident has the potential to turn their lives upside down, leaving them unsure of which direction to turn.

When this happens, Melissa “Missy” Wigginton’s goal is to help her clients through their most difficult times and make sure they are properly represented when dealing with insurance companies.

She takes on the headache of dealing with insurance companies so clients can focus on getting better and personally works cases to ensure that every client stays informed and is treated as a friend and family.

Today, Missy shares with Chris Mullins about helping people solve their problems that they can’t solve themselves, and how this work also allows her to hone her writing and public speaking skills.

Tune in now and get Melissa “Missy” Wigginton’s thoughts on:

  • What drives her purpose and passion for the legal profession
  • What lessons Missy Wigginton has learned that she wishes she knew the answers to when she first started out
  • The “Mama Justice” Core Values and how Missy applies these to her work with her clients
  • How she has built such a fast-growing firm in only five years
  • And much, much more!

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Melissa Wigginton

Melissa "Missy" Wigginton, known as Mama Justice, is the owner and Founder of MW Law - Mama Justice, a personal injury law firm.

Through her practice, she is dedicated to helping accident victims in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Missy's excellence as an attorney was recently recognized when she was nominated by Inc 5000 as the fastest female-owned law firm in the United States for 2023.

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