Nick Troxel guides the entire business lifecycle in a way that keeps up with high-growth startups. He is a friendly, fun-loving guy who is serious about protecting your business.

Nick reveals his entrepreneurial journey, how he co-founded a successful firm, and practical advice for business owners at any stage.

You will gain practical tips that business owners and new entrepreneurs can implement to stay protected and expedite their success.

Tune in now and get Nick Troxel’s thoughts on:

  • What drives his purpose and passion for business startup and small business law
  • What lessons Nick Troxel has learned that he wishes he knew the answers to when he first started out
  • The first 3 steps a new owner needs to take when starting a business
  • How lawyers help business owners throughout the lifecycle of their company
  • What documents all startups should have in place from the very beginning
  • What makes Troxel Fitch, LLC different from other law firms
  • A few things entrepreneurs should be cautious of when buying a business
  • Some risk management tools a new business owner should know about
  • And much, much more!

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Nick Troxel

Nicholas (Nick) Troxel, alongside his best friend, Josh Fitch, founded Troxel Fitch, LLC in 2017.

Troxel Fitch is a multi-faceted law firm built to support today's business owners and entrepreneurs.

The founders' friendship began while in law school at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Bound by their entrepreneurial spirit and legal knowledge, Nick and Josh launched Troxel Fitch, LLC shortly after graduation.

With his vision to build a better law firm in mind, Nick uses his experience, education, and passion to take his clients to the top.

Nick takes pride in serving clients’ needs starting with business formation, continuing throughout their business growth, and providing support beyond.

Troxel Fitch, LLC strives to provide high-quality affordable legal services to entrepreneurs in all walks of life, from venture-backed CEOs to backyard bootstrappers.

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