Do you find yourself frustrated with your law firm – like you may need to close the firm, you’re doing all the work but not getting anywhere, and/or you’re emotionally at your breaking point and ready to get off the treadmill?

Is your law firm positioned so it has value and is positioned to sell for maximum profit?

On the other hand, have you considered expanding exponentially right now by buying another law firm?

Join Chris Mullins for a riveting conversation with Victoria Collier of Quid Pro Quo on how to build value in your law firm and position it to sell – whether that is now or 10 years+ from now – so you can live a fulfilling, successful life after law.

Tune in now and get Victoria Collier’s thoughts on:

  • What drives her purpose and passion for the legal profession
  • What lessons Victoria Collier has learned that she wishes she knew the answers to when she first started out
  • Her top strategies for growing a successful law firm
  • The process for building value in a law firm
  • The correct and effective way to build a Turnkey law firm
  • What you need to place to position your law firm so you can sell it for profit
  • How to successfully transition out and lead a life after law
  • And much, much more!

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Victoria Collier

Victoria Collier is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the legal industry.

In addition to building and selling her 7-figure law firm, she has been coaching lawyers since 2008 on how to add value to their law firms.

As the founder and CEO of Quid Pro Quo, it is her mission to teach others the art and science of creating turnkey law offices, positioning to transition, and selling for profit.

Victoria holds certifications in exit planning and business valuations.

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