Alyssa Devine is passionate about educating others about the law in hopes to inspire appreciation for the value and beauty of intellectual property while using legal principles to grow businesses.

Alyssa also enjoys giving back through volunteering and was awarded the Norman Lefstein Award of Excellence for volunteering over 500 pro bono hours.

She loves educating others on the importance of IP law.

Tune in now and get Alyssa Devine’s thoughts on:

  • What drives her purpose and passion for the practice of intellectual property law
  • What lessons Alyssa Devine has learned that she wishes she knew the answers to when she first started out
  • Her top strategies for intellectual property law for creatives and entrepreneurs
  • The future of intellectual property law
  • What makes Alyssa’s firm, Purple Fox Legal, stand out
  • And much, much more!

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Alyssa Devine

Founder and Managing Attorney of Purple Fox Legal, Alyssa Devine has created a unique law firm focused on intellectual property law for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Uniquely positioned to assist her clients, Alyssa is not only a lawyer but has also earned an MBA from Indiana University.

Her knowledge and passion for both business and IP law is the winning combination that helps create customized legal solutions to support her clients’ business values.

Alyssa has worked at both state and federal levels with numerous judges providing her with a wider perspective of the law and how it works.

She has also gained valuable insight working at a renowned intellectual property management company that focuses on protecting deceased celebrities’ brands.

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