Charley Mann wasn’t brought into the legal profession as a lawyer… he started in marketing and learned everything he could about what it takes to build and grow an exceptional, high-profit law firm.

Today, he coaches a select group of law firm owners to 2X-5X their firms and grow as LEADERS.

Charley also publishes market-leading courses on growth tools for law firms.

With 13+ years working in, for, with, and on exclusively law firms, he has seen it all… and he has seen the PATTERNS.

Tune in now and get Charley Mann’s thoughts on:

  • What drives his purpose and passion for helping lawyers succeed
  • What lessons Charley Mann has learned that he wishes he knew the answers to when he first started out
  • His top strategies for lawyers to help them grow successful law firms
  • Why growing a successful law practice is NOT a marketing strategy, or management system, or goal-setting, or any one thing
  • Some of the biggest issues Charley finds with law firms that let them know it’s time to rebrand and move to the next level – and how to go about it
  • How we get lawyers and law firms excited about marketing, client acquisition and retention, and intake again – and how hiring strategies play a key role
  • And much, much more!

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Charley Mann

Charley Mann coaches and leads law firm owners on how to get the most out of their ultimate investment vehicle: the practice (aka "business that just happens to practice law").

His focus is TRANSFORMATION of you, the owner, as the entrepreneurial owner of a law firm.

This automatically creates transformation in the law firm.

It's the nature of a smaller business.

When the owner adapts, the business does as well.

Charley works with clients through the 7 Stages of Law Firm Leadership.

This systematic approach to growth meets the law firm owner where he/she is today, providing guidance from being a true solo to becoming the CEO of a multi-seven figure firm and beyond.

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