John Hinson and Spotlight Branding provide content marketing for solo and small law firms.

Unlike other content marketing firms, Spotlight Branding is focused on helping you reach your human audience and help you drive more referrals… rather than search ranking.

Tune in now and get John Hinson’s thoughts on:

  • What drives his purpose and passion for helping lawyers succeed
  • What lessons John Hinson has learned that he wishes he knew the answers to when he first started out
  • His top strategies for lawyers to help them grow successful law firms
  • Why human content, speaking with prospects in a language they can understand, gains law firms more clients than search-optimized copy
  • Why marketing funnels can cost law firms prospective clients rather than gain them – and what to do instead
  • The importance of highlighting and celebrating the intake team and not just the law firm’s partners and associates
  • And much, much more!

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John Hinson

John Hinson is the Editorial Director for Spotlight Branding, a content marketing company that helps legal and financial firms generate more referrals and attract the right clients.

John is also the host of two popular industry podcasts - Law Firm Marketing Minute and Center Stage.

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