Glozman Law is an innovative criminal defense firm committed to achieving the best results for their clients in many areas including Federal criminal law, white-collar criminal defense, state felonies and misdemeanor offense, civil litigation and investigations, criminal investigations & grand jury proceedings, and appellate & post-conviction representation.

They conduct thorough investigations, create effective strategies, and maintain a fair balance between being aggressive and compassionate.

As Principal Attorney, Vadim A. Glozman’s approach has led to positive trial results and negotiations for clients facing serious federal and state charges.

Tune in now and get Vadim A. Glozman’s thoughts on:

  • What drives his purpose and passion for the practice of white-collar and criminal defense law
  • What lessons Vadim Glozman has learned that he wishes he knew the answers to when he first started out
  • What Vadim learned from some of his top mentors about the reality of practicing law, and why having mentors is an important part of your growth in the profession
  • The “aha” moments Vadim had that showed him that being an attorney is a lot different than what you see on TV
  • Struggles attorneys face in growing and exuding the confidence it takes to succeed as a practicing lawyer
  • Why Glozman Law’s letterhead refers to their firm as “Attorneys and Counselors”
  • How to balance being empathetic toward your law clients with the stress that comes with caring for them
  • And much, much more!

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Vadim Glozman

Vadim A. Glozman is an accomplished and highly skilled criminal defense attorney with a track record of successfully representing individuals and corporations in high-stakes state and federal prosecutions.

His focus on white collar and major felony criminal defense, civil and criminal asset forfeiture, and appellate representation has earned him recognition as a top performer in his field.

Glozman is renowned for his innovative and creative approach to the law, consistently delivering favorable results for his clients.

His unwavering dedication to his clients and his zealous advocacy have led to numerous acquittals, dismissals, and sentence reductions in complex federal and state matters.

He has successfully represented clients facing charges ranging from conspiracy, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, bank fraud, mail/wire fraud, theft of trade secrets, obstruction of justice, and public corruption, to drug crimes, violent crimes, theft, weapons charges, and various other state charges.

As a trial lawyer, Glozman understands the all-encompassing nature of his profession. He believes that being on trial is not just a job, but a way of life.

His representation extends to all aspects of litigation, including grand jury investigations, verdicts, sentencings, and appeals.

The growing firm is trusted by clients throughout the country.

Glozman received his law degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago John Marshall Law School.

He is based in Chicago, Illinois, and has handled criminal cases and investigations throughout the country.

With his vast experience and expertise, Glozman is confident in his ability to provide the best possible defense for his clients.

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